Could I take your photo?

Travis at JD's Barber Shop is a gentleman like no other.

Travis at JD's Barber Shop is a gentleman like no other.

I love taking photos of people, and everybody deserves a good portrait. I do my best to capture people living their best moments.

I shoot exclusively with film because it has authentic colour palettes and tones, and because of the quality of the photo prints it can produce. Every photo on my website was shot using film.

Film is the real deal, and its real beauty lies in the quality of its prints. Have you seen an optical silver gelatin print lately? They’re beautiful, and are made to last for hundreds of years using the traditional archival process.

I develop my own film and I make my own prints straight off the negatives using the traditional darkroom process. For the past fifteen years, I’ve been using the same methods photographers have been using for the past century.

More about shooting with film

Each kind of film comes with a specific colour palette, and using the right film is important because not every type of film is well suited for portraiture. My personal favourites are professional colour portrait films and black and white journalism films. These films render skin tones in a smooth and natural way and give black and white photos a timeless look.

What you get

I’ll provide you with genuine optical silver gelatin prints that will last for generations. These prints are permanent, physical artifacts to treasure, and heirlooms for your family. They come in any size you’d like. Wallets? Not a problem. Contact sheets? They come standard, as do digital files.

Get in touch!

Visit me at my studio and I’ll show you what real silver gelatin prints look like. And if you’ll listen, I’ll tell you all about my cameras!

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